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5 ways to wear pins and patches

There’s a pin invasion going on! And they come in all shapes and colors: animals, fruits, plants, quotes, smileys,… Also notice that there are different types: pins, patches that have sticky tape on the back patches that only stick to your clothes after using the flatiron on it . Basically, you can secure them anywhere, but there are a few items that are very common on Pinterest! We summed them all up for you. So read ahead and get inspired.


a good old denim

Denim never goes out of style does it? Pinned denim is e-v-e-r-y-w-h-e-r-e right now, and we love it. Don’t be afraid to look like a biker, because the Lily pins are the cutest things ever! For jeans trouser, pockets are key! Paste them somewhere close or straight on your pockets and you’re ready to go. But denim also includes jackets! We all have at least one in our closet. Give it a total new look, by adding some patches all over the jacket. The more colors and shapes, the better.

Rocky Jacket, €54, SHOP

Unicorn stickers, €4, SHOP

Girlpower stickers, €4, SHOP

Cocktail stickers, €4, SHOP


pimp my knit

Yes, even your prettiest knit can use some pins & patches! Look for the cutest pins and maybe even in the same color! It doesn’t have to be as messy/casual as the jeans jacket. Simple is key for a knit: 1 color, 3 patches is what we advise.


sweaty patches

Patches can also cheer up your sweater(dress)! The wilder the print, the less patches/pins you need to use. Keep the pins close to each other. We love the look of them on the chest.


sneaker party

Let’s be honest: us ladies, we get tired off our shoes pretty fast. This time, don’t buy new ones. Just add patches and hello new sneakers! To get a ‘clean’ look, we advise to go for a white pair.


pins, patches and purses

You might‘ve guessed already what’s coming next! Add some pins or patches to an old purse: less money spent, but a totally renewed purse! Where can we sign?

Minnesota bag navy medium, €89,95, SHOP

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