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Meet #LILYLOVER Laurence

Laurence Rosa Dedeurwaerder, known under the name @laurenceddw on Instagram is a Lilylover in heart and soul. She is a real instagramqueen and member of the lilysquad. We have asked her some questions so you can get to know her a bit better.

Where does your inspiration for your Instagram posts come from?

Often I get inspiration from my followers on Instagram! I always try to do my own thing and put my personal twist on it so I can distinguish myself from other Instagrambloggers.

What proces does one of you Instagram photos go through before it goes online? Do you use specific apps or filters? I edit my pictures as natural as possible. I edit them with the app VSCO cam, on which I choose filter C9. Then I play with the contrast and brightness. At last I write a nice quote in the description and it's posted!

How did you got to know our shop, Lily?

I've known Lily from the right beginning. It was still a little shop across the road from where they are now located. I've been sold from the start, and after all those years I still am!

What is your favorite Lily item?

That's a really hard question, there is so much choice! If i really have to, I choose the Eloisa Pumps with black studs from Vanessa Wu. If I go to a party or event are these my go to shoes, they are so comfortable.

What is your most precious garment?

My most precious garment is my jeans from Selected. They fit really well, I could not live without them!

Laurences top 5 Lily Items

1. Eloisa Pump Black Studs €49, SHOP

2. Pocket Hat Camel €44, SHOP

3. Isabel Faux Fur Jacket €109,95, SHOP

4. Nuage Bracelet Gold €15, SHOP

5. Heart Top Gold €24, SHOP


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