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Save the date // Lily X Belmodo Closet Sale

Are you ready for some awesome news? Because we are! Sunday the 26th of march, Belmodo is coming to Mechelen! What's included? A route trough Mechelen with Belmondo's favorite shops + a closet sale in the Vleeshallen. Oh and FYI, the closet sale is part of the Mechelen Spring Shopping Weekend! With a whole day of shopping, catwalks, food trucks and extra cool stuff happening all around the city centre! #shopnonstop

Have a look at the 'parcours'. Belmodo planned out a whole shopping route, and guess who's on number one! #proudmoment

So girls, what can you expect on sunday 26th of march?

// In front of the shop:

A catwalk for all the shops in the 'Onze-Lieve-Vrouwestraat'! Take a break during your outfit hunt at 15h00 in particular, and come over to the Lily runway.

// In Belmodo Closet Sale:

We will be selling a curated selection of the best SALE-pieces we have at a nice discount. Plus, some of our own LILYette shopladies will let you shop their own closet, so come say hi. Treasures to be found!

And what about the rest of the weekend?

Friday 24th of march // Late night shopping with some drinks & food, till 20h

Saturday 25th of march // Non Stop Shopping with fun extras

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