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BTS // Portugal

Here's a little blogpost about our trip to Portugal we took in February. We went for 5 days and shot almost 10 different spring/summer collection -yes! that's right, 10 collections!- We've already launched a few, but there are still a couple left we haven't shared yet! ;) So keep your eyes on that mailbox sweeties. Meanwhile, we thought it would be fun to share some behind the scenes with you guys, am I right? Alright, we'll keep the talk small and the pictures large, deal? ;) Let's go!


We left for Lisbon in the early hours with our 623 suitcases full of spring/summer collection! :p

Once we arrived in Lisbon a taxi driver -with excellent puzzle skills, see picture above- drove us to our apartment. We started unpacking immediately 'cause we wanted to shoot our 'Rooftop Shoot' at the precious golden hour. There were only a few hours left until sunset so we had to hurry! All hands on deck for that perfect image!

After one very successful first day, we sat down on our beautiful rooftop, had some drinks and enjoyed the last rays of sunshine.


On day 2 we planned to shoot our big Lisbon City Collection. We hired a Tuctuc and drove through the tiny streets of Lisbon looking for the picture perfect spots.

Lunchtime! In between the shoots our Kitchen Queen Indi prepared delicious and super fresh meals. Wow, take me back please! :) (Btw, if you want to know more about Indi's favourite dishes or her favourite spots in Lisbon, check it out here.)


Sorry, no pictures of the night before I'm afraid. :) But no worries, there's still a lot to come! On day 3 we headed south for Lagos. We couldn't skip those beachy shoots, right? When in Portugal.. ;) This time we had our own car so off we went on our little road trip!

Once we've checked in in the Salty Lodge, we started unpacking -again- and our MUA Judith started to make up our lovely models.

After the Lagos Pastels shoot, we took the afternoon off. We enjoyed the sun, walked a bit around the small town of Lagos and I think we even had a bit of wine! ;) We also had take-away pizza and had a very cosy girls night. No pictures to be find from this night actually... ;)


Another shooting day has arrived! And it was an early one sweeties. We headed for a scenic beach near Lagos for our Beach Shoot. And oh wow, this was so worth it! Judge for yourself... :) PS: this collection hasn't been launched yet. Just a little bit more patience! ;)

That same day we also shot the Lagos City Collection.

Wow! What a day it was! The picture above was the final shot we took on the beach, it was a wrap my friends. Hihaa! At the end of the day we decided to dress up and go out. Going out meaning go out for dinner, eat too much, have too many wines and crash in our beds at 11pm. :) Jup, we did just that! Can't you tell by the picture below... #blurry but also #somuchfun!

And this was the last picture we took that night and also that trip. The next day we headed back home with a lot of amazing pictures on Sandy's camera and a head full of new LILY memories. Can't wait for the next one to come, how about you guys? ;)

Love, Ellen.

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