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Honeymoon Essentials // by our bride to be Ellen T.

Hi there! A few of you probably already know that I'm getting married within a couple of months. Even though I'm not even married yet, I'm already dreaming about my honeymoon -can you blame me! the weather has been so poor here in Belgium.-

So dreaming about your honeymoon comes along with dreaming about what to pack and what to wear. Ofcourse all things white grab my attention every-time, well have been grabbing my attention during the whole time I was engaged. Meaning my wardrobe is bulging with the prettiest white items, cute dresses, tiny white bikinis and so on. It's ridiculous! So thinking about what to pack for a honeymoon, I challenged myself to only picking one white item. So the first item I'll pack for my honeymoon is the Sunny Dress White. It's your for only €44 and you can wear it from dusk till dawn, right?

For a chic look you can combine the dress with some heels and these stunning earrings. I love these earring so much I bought them for myself already. They're just too pretty. :)

shop the dress here

shop there earrings here

Okay, I just realized the pair of shorts in this next look is also white. Whoops, two white items it is!

So for the second look I went for a pair of shorts, the Tanja Shorts. They're so light and comfy yet still very elegant I think. They pair up great with almost everything and can be worn on a off-day to stroll around town or for a candle light diner when combined with high heels and a chic shirt.

I combined my pair of shorts with one of my favourite items of this season, the Flore Knit by Selected Femme. I love its loose fit, its pale blush colour and its softness, don't you?

shop the pair of shorts here

shop the knit here

Oh right! I forgot about the bag. This Trinny bag is such a sleek accessory with its round, flirty silouette. It has a bohemian but modern feel to it and completes any outfit.

shop it here

During my honeymoon you'll find these essentials in my bag. The micropeel by Philosophy and one of my favourite parfums by Bobbi Brown - I got it from Kelli btw, thanks Kelli! :)- . Not only I love the packaging of these products but I would recommend these to anyone.

The micropeel makes sure your skins looks flawless every single day and gives you that holiday glow in a blink. My beach parfum makes me feel like everyday is a holiday. It reminds me of sunkissed, salty skin, hmmm.

Last but not least, my favourite -not so white- item of them all, the Tea Wrap Dress. Flowy, breezy, elegant and just sooo much fun. The perfect dress for a honeymoon if you ask me. Wrap it around your bikini when heading for the beach or pair it up with some killer heels for a night out with your hubby.

shop the dress here

So I guess that's about it for my honeymoon suitcase. These items and a whole lot more will accompany me to the CasaCook Hotel in Kos. I cain't wait! But first let's get married, right? :p

love, Ellen. x

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