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BTS // The Provence


We arrived at Tourettes-Sur-Loup and we immediately knew it was going to be a great shoot. We brought the pretty clothes, the B&B gave us a wonderful setting. We couldn't wait to get started, so we began to shoot!

Ready, set, shoot! Our Ellen Thys always makes sure that the model's hair looks flawless.

One thing you can't control, is the weather... Umbrellas for the win!


The weather looked great & everything just came together. We found the perfect spot to shoot our 'Route Du Soleil' collection.

If you were wondering how we take these pics, now you know! :)

Photographer Sandy & stylist Ellen in full action!

Shooting a collection on location also means carrying the clothes everywhere.

For laughs and entertainment, there was little Elliot.

To end the day well, we went to have dinner in Cinq. What an awesome place. If you're going somewhere near Tourettes, go eat here!


There were so many great things about the B&B, but the breakfast... WOW!

Hair? Check! Jewellery? Check! Ready to shoot the 'Le Jardin' collection.

The last shoot was at the pool. So the inflatables, they had to go!

Thanks for reading!


Team Lily

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