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Barcelona tips by Ellen D

Barcelona never disappoints. This metropole always has new hidden gems to discover.

Ellen D. went to Barcelona during the Barcelona Fashion Week, for a sneak peek of Designer's Society

and Mint & Roses' newest collection. In between the runway shows, she had some time to

visit new spots. Want to see how she spent her weekend? Keep on reading!



Anna, the owner of Laundry lab agency, invited us to the big event. Purpose of this trip was getting to know our two beloved Spanish brands Mint&Rose and Designer's Society even better than before, to be inspired by the many catwalks. And what a nice fashion trip it was!

Location, location. The fashion show took place in the Recinte Modernista de Sant Pau. It used to be a hospital, and is now renovated to become a breathtaking event room. As shown above, they maintained only one hospital room, to show visitors what the place looked like before.

Ellen had a sneak peek at the SS20 collection Designer's Society and it looked so good. One of their inspirations is California and they added a lot of linnen pastels, bleached colors, flowy jumpsuits and fresh styles to the collection. Sounds pretty perfect during this heat wave, doesn’t it?



If you're going to Barcelona, sleep in Hotel The Gates. It's nicely located, near the Torre Agbar. The rooms are perfectly equipped. Ellen's favorite thing about this hotel? The rooftop, with swimming pool. Very much approved!

Anna & Ellen after work! P.s. get to know Anna in this blogpost.



As much as we love fashion, we love food! Ellen considers Barcelona as the walhalla of nice, fresh food with lots of taste.

These three places stole her heart.


El Nacional is the perfect location to combine with shopping, as it’s located on the Passeig de Gracia, near Placa Catalunya. It’s a very big hall, filled with 9 different restaurants, bars and an ice cream shop. The whole place is perfectly designed with a signature Barcelona style.

Fun fact: This location was a big parking garage until five years ago.


The restaurant that Ellen never skips! It’s near the beach in the Barcelonetta area. You’re in a good place here for slow food and ecological products or regional ingredients. Violetta has a good selection of ecological wines as well, Ellen loved the rosé.

Ellen's tip: try the new green bean salad. Spicy and very nice.

3/ BODEGA 1900

This tapa restaurant is owned by the revolutionary man behind 'El Bulli'. It's been on Ellen's I-really-want-to-go-there-list for some time. Ask for 'the chef's surprise': they'll serve you between 10 and 15 tapas. When in Bodega 1900, try the home-made refreshing vermouth as apéro. Reservation is needed.



Stay away from that tourist bus & rent a bike! It's ecological, handy & perfect for sightseeing.

A special thanks to Susana from Modacc, Anna from Laundrylab Agency & 080 BCN fashion for inviting us.

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