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How to pose for the perfect street style photo

We're obsessed with all the Fashion Week street style photos! Even though Mechelen has no Fashion Week, the Lily team still knows how to rock a street style photo! To help you get these photos of your own, we asked our model Charlotte for some tips.

How do you pose as natural as possible?

When I pose I always make sure I start with a serene/static pose. After that, I start making little movements and change my pose after every click of the camera. Slowly, I will get from one pose to another. Look at it as a dance, in which poses are snapshots of your self invented little dance.

Which three poses are always good for a street style shoot?

1. The walk : Keep one leg static under the body. With your other leg you should take a step and always get back to normal. Keep on doing this and it will look like you're walking in the street.

2. Leaning against a wall: One foot on the ground and one against the wall. You're hands can be together or next to your body. In this photo it's going to seem like you're waiting for a friend and enjoying the sun or looking to the pedestrians passing by.

3. Sitting on the stairs: When you sit on the stairs make sure one foot is higher than the other, it'll will seem like you need a break after a long walk. You're looking at your environment and pretend to be sitting on the stair of Mets. Because who doesn't want to be one of the Gossip Girls.

How do you keep your focus and not get distracted by the environment?

I focus on the photographer, the light and my movements to make the clothes look at their best. By doing that, I soon forget that people are passing by. It's actually after the shoot that I notice how many people that are passing by, because only then I realize I'm on a set, in the middle of a street. I keep in mind that the picture will also be placed online, so the shoot is in fact a moment in which pedestrians see the shoot as moving pictures.

How do you get movement in the pictures?

I try to place myself in the character they ask me to be, for example Nordic cute, French tough, a vamp or the porcelain doll. I move in front of the camera with that character in mind. Not only the movements, but the whole body language (also the eyes) will be adjusted to that. Little movements can in the end change your whole pose.

You can also do 'the walk' or get your skirt floating. This will give more movement and 'that little dance' at the same time. Some of my poses still surprise me, then I'm like "That's a nice one! How did I do that one?". That's a nice feeling!

Where do you inspire yourself for street style poses?

You can be inspired everywhere. From people that you know, magazines you read, blogs you follow, websites you visit, the movements you make when you're home alone, ads you see, movies you watch,... Your street style poses will mainly be determined by the moment you're in and by the persona you have to be at the moment!


Go follow this superwoman on her Instagram @createyourscene. Thanks Charlotte for the interview!

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