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Meet #LILYLOVER Deborah

Meet Deborah D'amico, a 22 year old student- who interned here! - but more importantly: a real #LILYLOVER. Her outfits are always on point and we love to get inspired by her pretty posts on instagram. We asked her some questions so, if you don't already, can get to know her better.

Where does your inspiration for your Instagram posts come from?

I mainly get my inspiration out of the little things that make my day just that bit brighter, like a delicious power lunch, an on-point outfit or fun outings.

What proces does one of you Instagram photos go through before it goes online? Do you use specific apps or filters?

It has taken me quite some time to find my own style, but now it's finally on point. I mainly try to get my photos as bright as possible. I also try to make sure that the colors of the pictures go well together. Apart from that I edit my pictures in the VSCO app, where I use filter A6. Depending on the photo, I adjust the exposure, contrast and saturation. This process ensures that the colors do not stand out too much, giving me a coherent Instagram feed.

How did you got to know our shop, Lily?

The first time I got in touch with Lily was a few years ago through their online Christmas gift guide. I was still hopelessly searching for a few gifts to put under the tree. From that moment on you could call me a real #lilylover. I then, meanwhile two years ago, had the pleasure to strengthen team Lily during my in work placement there. This was an experience to remember, and since then you can find more and more Lily items in my closet.

What is your favorite Lily item?

That's a hard question! I'll have to go with my Eline Woodland Dress from French Connection. This dress is ideal to wear on a sultry summer evening with white sneakers underneath. This stunner is also a must have in every city trip I make. Summer or winter, I'll always find a place in my suitcase for this dress.

What is your most precious garment?

Oh boy, can I list my entire wardrobe? Last summer I lost my suitcase for several days at the airport. I thought my world was going to end! If I have to choose one item, it would be the jumpsuit that I designed (with quite some help from la mama) myself.

Deborah's top 5 Lily items

1. Eline Dress Woodland Green €145, SHOP

2. Hakuna Matata Tshirt €19,95, SHOP

3. Bonnie Sneaker Black €29, SHOP

4. Louise Crop Pants Grey €129, SHOP

5. Meme Broche Multico €25, SHOP


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