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Q&A // lilylover Frances Lefebure

"It all happened by coincidence and not by plan"

Frances is everywhere nowadays! She's on the two VIER shows: Hotel Römantiek and Amigo's. She

inspires us because she's a power woman and a beauty all in one. She's a #lilylover and a we

definitely love her back. #girlpower


On Google'ing herself...

Sometimes I do Google myself, to see what kind of pictures will emerge. Until now, I'm okay with the results :)

On her style inspiration...

I get inspired on Instagram, Pinterest, Elle and Marie-Claire. And girls in my environment inspire me too.

On the meaning of 'beauty'...

Beauty has many faces. In case of appearance I find people who look natural, without makeup or too much extras are the prettiest!

On the job...

What I like most about my job is the diversity. Doing new things en meeting new people. I love it.

On the pursuit of perfection...

I think striving for perfection isn't necessarily a bad thing. In general, I see it as people who are trying to be the best version of themselves. Inside and outside.

On becoming an actrice...

Like almost anything in my live, it happened by coincidence and not by plan. But as a kid I was presenting the Belgian show 'tien om te zien' in the mirror of my playroom. Also, I directed and played the leading role in my own theater plays.

On her beauty secret...

My beauty secret is cleansing, cleansing and cleansing before I go to sleep. Even when it's 3 A.M. ... My friends declare me insane, but to me, it's a routine. I remove my mascara with almond oil, super soft for the sensitive skin under my eyes. After that, I remove what's left with micellar water. As a 'night cream' I use bio-oil.

On being a #lilylover...

I'm a Lilylover because I never went to a shop before where anything is always pretty! The selection is un-be-liev-able. The good and feminine vibes that come out of Lily are super attractive!

On the real Otto-Jan...

He's nuts! But also very sweet and caring.

And to end: some Instapics from Frances' profile - all Lily related of course -

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