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Our sweet MUA & shopmanager Judith agreed to share some of her secret make-up tips. YAY! And since NYE is coming up -think the perfect smokey eye- these tips might come in handy, don't you think? Let's go!

1. enlarge the eye

We all love big, bright eyes but when going for a smokey eye make up, it's easy to do the total opposite. A little tip to enlarge the eye with any eye make-up is to draw a little line underneath your eye with a kohl pencil. But make sure you apply it underneath the lower lash line and NOT on top of it -that will create the opposite effect!- Take your pencil from the center of the lash line out, and make it a little thicker on the outer corners. You're not only creating a beautiful almond-shaped eye, but you're also making your eyes look bigger.

2. don't be bitter, use glitter

Instead of just highlighting the inner eye corners, Judith loves to add some extra sparkle for a NYE make up. Just apply your favourite glitter eye shadow in the inner corner of your eye for that extra blingy touch! Remember though, a light glitter shadow will enlarge your eye. :)

3. pow-pow-powder

Before starting your eye make up, apply some mineral powder underneath your eyes and onto your cheeks. Nothing is worse than putting on a beautiful eye make up, only to have flecks of shadow fall onto your cheek and ruin your perfect foundation or concealer. So put some mineral powder on before you get started to catch the fallout. Afterwards just blend it in with the rest of your make up, easy peasy!

4. the glow job

Glow glow glow, we just can't get enough of that glow! Judith shows us her secret weapon meet The Glow Job from Topshop. The perfect highlighter in the cutest little pot. Apply it underneath your eyebrow, following the natural shape of your brow, and apply it all the way to the top of your cheekbone. You'll shine bright like a diamond!

5. long lasting lips #lll

The big mystery to us all is, how does our lipstick lasts the longest!? Judith has a few tips on this matter. It requires a tiny bit of preparation but once you're on it, it's worth it! First of all make sure your lips aren't flakey and maybe even use a scrub to remove dead skin. Afterwards moisturize with a non-oily lip balm. Then prepare your lips with some mineral powder. It soothes the lips and it fills in all the little cracks. Next take a lip liner and outline the lips, as well as fill them in. The lip pencil is drier than lipstick and serves as a layer of color for the lipstick to grab onto. Now apply your lipstick and you're ready to kiss and tell!

"Good luck on the make-up sweeties! Happy NY!

xox Judith."

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