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Our favorite 2017 moments // Team Lily


The absolute highlight for me was the drive very - véry - early through Paris to shoot our ‘Paris s’eveille’ story.

The city was still asleep, the sky had the prettiest shade of pink and my incredible dreamteam was

with me in the van. We pulled over at The Louvre for - what I believe - were the most amazing pictures we took all year.

My thoughts? “F*CKING AWESOME!” I may have cried a bit.


One year after my dad passed away, team Lily surprised me with a cheese lunch to honor my dad,

our colleage, cheese fan. By far the best Lily moment this year. Everyone talks about the close,

family atmosphere at Lily. And this was the perfect example of that.


My favorite moment was buying the a new building for Lily Ostend, across the street. We'll move

there in a couple of months. It's the biggest thing we ever did. We want to make our Lily Ostend

grow and give better service to the clients. A dream come true, for sure!


My favourite moment of the year was driving back home from our shoot in Paris. Knowing we took

some pretty awesome pictures, singing along oldies in the car and realizing what a

great team I'm part off! #teamworkmakesthedreamwork

PS: that weekend we also celebrated my 27th birthday and went for yummy cocktails, so that adds up as well! :)


So many moments to choose from! But my favorite moments are always the after work moments

with laughs and chats. An evening I'll never forget is the one at Ellen's garden,

with a bonfire, drinks and snacks. Team Lily doesn't need much to have a great time. One team. 👊🏼


So hard to pick just one moment! But what I remember most is the x-mas diner at Wagenoord. Talking

about great memories with delicious food, awesome. We also had to pick names, so everyone had a fun gift.

Long live team spirit.


The big "team Lily shoot day" was pretty awesome. Getting our make-up done, wearing party dresses

from the boutique, a fun shoot, workshops and a Lily Brand Acadamy filled the day.

We ended drinking cocktails after hours. By far my favorite moment.


My best moment was receiving my work contract. We celebrated with drinks and I was

so exited to start working, for "real" now. Working at Lily is pretty awesome.

A job in fashion, with a super fun team is all I could ever wish for!


I loved the photoshoot in Ostend in July. I've never done a shoot before, so that was a very unique experience. I met

some colleagues from team Mechelen and the weather was wonderful. A fun location, a great photographer

and pretty outfits lead to pretty pictures!


My favorite moment has to be the shoot in Paris. See the sun rise behind the Louvre and ending the day

with cocktails. As a photographer, that was my favorite shoot ever!

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