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Get out of town | What's in our suitcase

Our Portugal trip is fast approaching and we're already thinking about the stuff we'll put in our luggage. Here are a few of our favorites that definitely will make the suitcase-cutt. ;)

These are all the essentials we're definitely taking with us. Of course, don't forget your underwear, a bikini and all that stuff. But these are the things you'll probably forget. So take your luggage list & add the items shown above. They're all travel proof & save you lots of space! You'll thank us later.

Don't pick your dresses randomly, think twice about it! A flowy wrap dress is perfect to take with you. Why exactly? It works perfect on a bikini with sandals, during the day. But pair this dress with super fancy heels & you got yourself a romantic (but fun) evening look! For the sandals we picked a neutral pair. Can you think of an outfit that wouldn't match with these? Because we can't!

Never forget Raramuri Sandals in your suitcase! If you're not familiar with the concept, we'll quickly explain. Buy the sole, a flat sandal or a wedge heel (black ribbon included) -> Buy other ribbons of different colors -> Save so much space in your suitcase! And another big plus, the ribbons look great as a ribbon in your hair. So many possibilities. Oh, and bring a great book with you to enjoy days at the pool or a long flight.

Prep yourself for a night out with a mask from Malou & Maruis. We have a BIG range of masks, so wether you like hydration, shine or a cleans, we've got it all! It's our newest beauty brand and they've had us from the packaging. Besides an evening prep, you need an evening dress. Show off your fresh tan in our Willow Dress. It's a piece to get noticed in.

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