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Outfit of the day, by Manon

Meet Manon, Lily's newest student worker. She studies to be an interior designer.

Absolutely loves a cosy night with friends, the sun & deep house music.

Really does not like is traffic jams, late trains & long school days.

The chill day at home

"I love the mornings with my housemates at our place. I start every day with a shower and a coffee. I don't always apply make-up, depends on my mood. My outfit choices are mostly impulsive. I wake up, open my window and feel the temperature. Then I look at my closet and know straightaway what to wear."

"I live with 3 girls in a student house. We all study interior so we went

creative with the furniture. We made the lamps by filling empty coke

bottles with concrete. A housemate made the table from old terrace

boards. We used old bottles of Carolus beer as candle holders."

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The school day

"My school outfit mostly has to be comfy! I always wear a big totebag or backpack,

to carry around snacks, my designs, a bottle of water, chewing gum, a laptop and my pencils."

"As I said before, I'm a interior student. I mostly get inspired from Pinterest,

from the Instagram page @francqcolors & from my favorite architect Marcel Wolterinck."

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The work day

"I love working at Lily. What a team, it's like a family! Everyone is always grateful and happy, just like the clients we have!"

"A typical Manon outfit consists of a jeans, loose shirt & sneakers. Always sneakers!"

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The day off

"I'm a specialist in ice cream. I worked at an ice cream-parlour back home.

We had to know all the tastes, to advice clients which ones were a great

match together! My favorite combo? Mango & coconut."

"I didn't immediately know what to expect from that outfit, I liked the items separately, but didn't know how they

would look together. I absolutely LOVE how it turned out! The pieces reinforce each other! And those pants

are so comfy."

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The 'go back home' day

"When I'm away from home, I mostly miss my dog, who happens to have his own Instagram page (run by me!). Give him a follow: @luccakroelie ! What I also miss is the fresh Dutch milk and my friends from home. What I miss from Belgium when I go to the Netherlands: Waffles, the Flemisch accent, the Burgundian life (a.k.a. it's okay to drink cocktails at noon)."

"I'm a typical Dutch girl. I'm open & I don't hold back to say my opinion.

Belgians are a little more modest."

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With love,


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