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5X Summer must reads

1. "I never believed in love at first sight until I saw Ibiza"

We love this book because there are a lot of Ibiza fans in team Lily. There is no island with more variety than Ibiza. If you think Ibiza are only parties, you're very wrong. Dive into all the hotspots & find out the best insider tips.

By Anne Poelmans.

For the 'party chick'.

Written in Dutch.

Counts 185 pages.

Yours for €18,5.

2. "A-Z Wedding Style"

We love this book because it's just fun to have. It explains all the important wedding words, from A-Z. There are also multiple quotes next to every word, coming from Vogue, Brides magazine, etc. The cute illustrations add extra fun to the book.

By Kate Bethune.

For the 'bride to be'.

Written in English.

Counts 143 pages.

Yours for €17,99.

3. "You do you"

We love this book because it's straightforward, no-nonsense, just how we like it. It's a guide to learn how to put your own happiness first. We've already read 'The life changing magic of not giving a f*ck', and we can tell you, Sarah Knight knows how to write.

By Sarah Knight.

For the 'happiness seeker'.

Written in English.

Counts 299 pages.

Yours for €19.

4. "Classic Readings & Poems"

We love this book because we're always trying to stay inspired. And that's exactly what this book does, it inspires. There's a different poem on every page and the book is full of drawings & paintings. The topics are: weddings, christenings, funerals & all occasions.

By multiple poetrists. Edited by Jane McMorland Hunter.

For the 'poem lover'.

Written in English.

Counts 188 pages.

Yours for €22. SHOP IT HERE

5. "Rock my wedding"

We love this book because it gives all the advice a bride-to-be needs to get. All the questions you need to ask, all the things you have to think about and a lot of inspiration. The pictures are breathtaking and it's very easy to read. Even non-brides will love to just have a quick read.

By Charlotte O'Shea

For the 'bride to be'.

Written in English.

Counts 220 pages.

Yours for €45.


For even more books, go and have a look over here. Or visit or shops.

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