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It's that time again, #MODEinOOSTENDE-time! The weekend of 15 and 16 September will be about fashion, fashion and even more fashion. Wanna know what to expect this weekend? No worries, have a scroll through this blog. We'll make sure it's worth paying a visit to Ostend that weekend. ;)


First of all let's have a quick look at the schedule. Loads of fun stuff going on that weekend. A late night shopping on Saturday, free make-up and cake on both days and even a fashion show on Saturday in the newest hotel in town!


Actually there are two fashion shows that weekend, but let's focus on the biggest one first! ;) This time it's all about location location and a very special edition 'cause the runway will take place in the hottest hotel in town 'UPSTAIRS'. Haven't heard of this one yet? Go and have a look at our previous blogpost right here. So as you can tell we're very excited about the location. It does make one hell of a LILY-setting, right? :)

More about the clothes! Our lovely Justien will take care of the styling this time. So be prepared for some fierce & fun fall/winter looks. All of these looks will be available in the shop as well. And since the shop is only a couple of seconds away from the hotel - we mean really 30 seconds away- it wil be easy to have a little shop afterwards. ;)

The show will start at 12 o' clock at noon. If you want to join us you have to subscribe. Tickets are €8 and include a drink, a little bite and hot music by DJ Pablo. Wanna join? Subscribe through this link below. You better be quick. ;) Oh, and please do it before 10/9 pretty please.

PS: there's another small fashion show on Saturday in front of our shop. This one will be a little smaller and takes place around 18h30. There's no need to subscribe for this one. Just show up in front of our shop and make sure you have a good spot for checking out all of those pretty outfits. ;)


You know we love our food and we know you love you food, right? ;) That's why we're collaborating with Zoets & Fitzgerald Coffee Bar to provide you with good coffee and delicious cakes. Yay!


For some extra glow and glamour come and have a little touch up at our free make-up stand. Yes, totally for free. Say what?? ;)


Want to stay in the know and get all the updates on #MODEinOOSTENDE x LILY? Go to this facebook event and stay up to date with everything. :)

See you there Sweeties!

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