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Happy Friendsgiving!

If there's one All-American Holiday we adore, it's Thanksgiving. A century-old tradition where we say thank you for all things good in our lives. So weeks before that òther Big Holiday (ie Christmas) we got team LILY together to celebrate our own version: Friendsgiving. A day to say thank you for the warm friendships, the important and less important stuff we share everyday and, above all, to celebrate the sweet memories we have made - and will continue to make - over the years.

We thought it would be handy to give you some advice about how to host of throw a Friendsgiving Day. So down below you'll find some rules or advice -call it whatever you like- and some more pictures of our Friendsgiving Day.


Invite your bestest of friends for a good old get together. Wether you arrange a friendsgiving at home or in a cool bar like us, what matters the most is being together, right?


You'll all agree on rule number two. Good food is everything -and drinks too 'fcourse- but let's start off with the food. When you're hosting the firendsgiving at home, make sure you don't spend all of your time in the kitchen. At the table is where you should be with your friends. That's why catering is probably a good idea or oven dishes you can prepare the day before. Another option is to ask your guests to bring a dish. Make sure that everybody brings a different course or uses different ingredients. Otherwise you'll end up having too many desserts of two main courses with fish for example. :)


Friends: check. Food & Drinks: Check. Where's the music at? No friendsgiving without a good party. Put on your favourite spotify list, make sure it's loud enough and get that party started! Some of our favourite spotify lists are:

  • Feel Good Diner

  • Oldskool R&B

  • Jcrew + Madewell tunes

  • Easy 80's


In between the courses play some games! They add more fun, keep the conversations going and create ever lasting memories, right? So put your phones off and get your game on. Charades is one of our favourites but these new board games are also big fun. We all loved 'Movie Geek'. This is the perfect after-dinner game to determine the real Movie Geek amongst us.

A very Happy Friendsgiving day to all of you sweet LILYettes. May these darker months be the setting of warm get-togethers, funny games, and big plates of food to share with your loved ones.

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