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Opening hours during The Holidays


Ho ho how we love those cosy shopping days during the holidays. Wandering around through the pretty decorated streets, christmas lights everywhere, late night shoppings,... We love it, and you? Let's hope so, 'cause we have some festive weekends lined up for you! Here's a little overview of all the special things we've got planned for you this December.


In Ostend we're open every Sunday as per usual, from 12h - 18h.

In Mechelen we're opening our store on the following Sundays from 13h - 18h:

16th of December

23rd of December

30th of December

6th of January


To add even more fun to the Holiday madness The Alchemist will be serving (free!) cocktails in our stores! Smokey Spiced Apple or a Red Ginger, the choice is yours. :) You can find them in our stores on the next days:

OOSTENDE: 14th of December

This Friday is also a late night shopping in Ostend.

MECHELEN: 15th & 16th of December


On the 14th of December we'll organize another late night shopping for those who still have to pick out some last-minute gifts our outfits. This late night will only take place in Ostend.

On Xmas eve and NY eve we're closing our doors at 16h at the latest. Depending on how busy it gets. ;)

On the 27th of December starts our Pre Sale. More info on that topic very soon!

That's about it! Hopefully we'll see you soon?! ;)

Until then, merry everything and a happy always! XXX

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