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The stress of Gift-Giving.

The Holiday Season is just around the corner sweeties! We're all about the gift of giving this year. Which means browsing around -a lot- to find those perfect gifts. Well, maybe we can help you a little with that! We have a lot of gifts in our online and offline giftbar, enough for every kind of lilylover we reckon! Curious? Let us help you! Here's a little head start.


For those who love some pampering and some you-time, everything beauty would make a great gift! Luckily we have some really nice beauty brands at Lily. One of our new brands is SKIN & TONIC, an all organic and cruelty free beauty brand. And the cute packaging is a plus!

Another beauty brand is THE GIFTLABEL. For body washes and lotions in fun packaging, this one's your go-to! This brand is Amsterdam based and they claim that it's their passion to create products that are loved, fun to buy and fun to give. And they're nailing it, we say! :)


For those who like to be at home and enjoy cosiness, we recommend you to buy a pretty candle. A candle is just such a great gift, one can always use it and especially the home lovers amongst us!

One of our favourite candle-brands is SEVENSEVENTEEN. These moodboosting candles come with little quotes and very divine smells. Good to know, when you buy one of these you automatically donate £1 to the Panda Foundation! #saywhut

OLI OLSEN is another brand that rocks a very cool candle collection! Girly packaging and sweet smells, what a combo. They also sell matches! Talk about a fun gift for candle-lovers! :)

Another thing home lovers really would appreciate are little bits and bobs to decorate their home with. And they love loads and loads of them.

KESEMY DESIGN is a specialized in handmade ceramic objects all designed and produced in Amsterdam. The vases are very subtle and neutral which make them ideal for every kind of home lover. Btw, not only good on the eye but also on the wallet if you know what we mean! ;)


'Fcourse we didn't forget our male lilylovers. ;) Some man-scaping items, a couple of cool games and alcohol related gifts, we've got them covered! ;)

In our latest blogpost we've told you a little bit more about THE ALCHEMISTBOX. Cool craft boxes filled with all essentials to make that perfect cocktail. Sounds like a perfect gift for your BF or dad, right? (Read the Alchemistbox blogpost here)

For sharp men who like to groom or grizzly men who need to groom, we've got SIABANN / BEARR MAN natural skincare with a Scottish twist in cool packaging.


This year we made sure we've got tons and tons of books, notebooks, cards and so on. Everybody appreciates a nice coffee table book or a cute little notebook, right?

'Tis the season to write cards! A new stationary brand everybody here at Lily is ALL THE WAYS TO SAY. They have the prettiest water colour drawings on their cards and it's almost like every one of their cards tell a little story. Especially the xmas greeting cards are to die for!

Wanna shop some of these? Head over to our stores in Mechelen or Ostend to find even more gifts and accessories. We'd love to help you find the perfect gift! You can also shop online if you can't wait any longer. ;)

Good luck! xxx

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