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Our host with the most: Judith

Meet Judith! Our sweet shopmanager since 2014, the biggest #lilylover of all times and apparently a very thoughtful hostess! We wanted to have a little photoshoot at her apartment with some of her favourite pieces and we got welcomed with the biggest and warmest smile. That's when we thought 'Jep, she's that kinda host. A host with the most!'


'When I invite people over for diner, I'm always a bit nervous. I want people to feel at home and I'll do everything to make that happen. First things first, a clean home! I start my day off with a good cup of coffee -the caffeine get's me going- and I start cleaning like a mad woman. And oooh, the satisfaction when I'm finished and all bits and pieces are back where they belong, I love it!'


'The next thing I like to take care of is setting the table. With my pretty plates from Lily, my golden cutlery and vintage classes I try to create a cosy table setting. What's going to be served on those pretty plates all depends on my personal chef! ;) -meaning my boyfriend Gunther- Jep, he's that kinda guy. He can cook! And how... Lucky me and lucky guests 'cause coming over for diner at our place is a culinary feast!'


'And another thing I love about organizing diner parties is dressing up! :) I love to put some extra effort into my outfit and make-up for that night. Even though we're staying in I like to be the prettiest version of myself when hosting guests. I owe it to them, right?! Plus, it's just a very good excuse to get that new LILY-dress I've been wanting for ages! ;p'


'Right before the guests arrive I put on some laid back music and lit some candles for cosiness. Well not just some candles, I just lit every candle I own! :p Haha, what can I say, I just love candles and the cosiness and nice smell they bring along! '


' My home's ready, I'm ready and the cosy night can start off. When my guests arrive I can finally be at ease and enjoy the get-together. At that moment there's no place I'd rather be. Surrounded with the people I love, in my home, having fun and chatting and dancing the night away. Together is a beautiful place to be, right? :) Enjoy this time of the year guys! Have a merry everything and a happy always! XXX'

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