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Long live your Knitwear!

Long live your woolies this time a year! But how to give them a longer life? We all know how these woolen fabrics turn out after a couple of seasons, right? It's important to take care of your garments and especially your woolies. Wanna know how? We've got the perfect tools for you. Read along! :)


It may look cute, but it is really quite the machine. Meet the Pilo Fabric Shaver! It's twice as powerful as regular lint shavers, but gentle on the fabrics. Use the Pilo on any fabric, and especially wool like cashmere, merino or alpaca. Charged with USB, no batteries needed. Not only is this gadget cute and -very- stylish it's also very effective. Check out the tutorial on our instagram!

yours for €49,95 // SHOP IT HERE.


Steaming has for a long time been an obvious part of the fashion industry and the first hand choice for fixing pieces at fashion shoots and backstage on fashion shows. It is easy to see why. Steaming is fun, effective and it comes with a number of other benefits. It has although been a well kept fashion secret. Until now.

Make your clothes last longer by steaming them after use instead of washing. Clothes that are excessively washed lose both shape and color. Garments we call worn-out is most often washed-out. The steam causes the textile fibers to swell and regain their natural shape. You can steam almost any fabric (except leather and suede), and therefore you can steam even the clothes that can't be ironed. Steaming is like airing on fast-forward: it removes unfresh odors and kills some bacterias.

This Travel Steamer combines the best of two worlds; it's an efficient but easy-to-use steamer and a minimalistic design. It's just so pretty to look at, right? Choose your favorite one, pink or black!

yours for €119,95 // SHOP IT HERE.


Here's also a little bit information about the brand who created these fabulous fashion tools!

" Steamery was founded in Stockholm, Sweden in 2014 by Martin Lingner and Frej Lewenhaupt. By combining a professional background in fashion and Scandinavian design aesthetics with high technology and sustainable values we aim to make it easier for people to take care of their clothes. We want to give fashion enthusiasts access to their whole wardrobe. Forget about wrinkly clothes and pilled, destroyed knits. Invest in pieces you love and make them last. "

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