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Galentine's Day ❤

Gall pals, sisters, work wives,... Whatever strong female relationship you're in, we're celebrating it today!

Long live dancing around in your undies to the Spice Girls. Long live sipping pink cosmopolitans and rosé.

Long live "Sex & the City" marathons. Long live us girls. Long live us women.

And a big fat #GIRLPOWER to that.

Especially for the occasion we've interviewed 3 of a kind female relationships. Read all about them here!

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There's no love like the love between two sisters, right? And these two certainly can agree on thtat. Meet Maya & Lotte. The Teughels Siblings have been with us -almost- since the very beginning. Their mom is a die-hard Lilylover and introduced them to LILY. Ever since, these two come along with Mom for fun shopping spree's at LILY. Lotte tells us that although their styles are so very different it often happens that they choose the same things but just style it in a different way. And having a sister, we all know what that means: having double the clothes to pick from. :)

Another fun anecdote: A year and a half ago the Teughels Family decided to get matching tattoo's! And yes, Mom and Dad included! They opted for a little clover that symbolizes the happiness and joy they share as a family of 4 and how fortunate they are to have each other. Isn't that cool!?


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Our second Galentine group are these -extremely fun- Girlfriends aka Gall Pals: Julie, Lien, Lindsay & Emma. Unfortunately Emma couldn't be there on the day of the shoot. So she's not in the pictures but these ladies sure missed her like crazy!!

Here's their story! They each knew each other separately and became inseparable after going to the same party together. After that those weekly Girls Nights were a fact. Cooking together, gossipping, dancing on évery song of the Spice Girls -think Sex and the City style- that's how their Girls Nights roll. Also these girls share absolutely everything -like really everything-. ;)

Fun fact! Actually they call them selves 'Club 27'. All 27 years old, all single and all ready to mingle! "Well that was until Julie met her new lover" tells Lindsay us while she winked at Julie. But 'fcourse this won't affect their relationship. "We're just like sisters, one big happy family and we'll always have each other's backs. With or without boyfriends!" #sisterhood


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work wives


The last female relationship we're discussing today but most certainly not the least. Meet Sixtine and Yasmin, our work wives. They each started up their own wedding planning business when they met each other on a wedding and decided to work together. #dreamworkmakestheteamwork "We're constantly on the look-out for new fun opportunities and try to inspire each other" says Yasmine from @justsayyas. "That's very important when working together, but so far we get a long just fine! ;)".

We're also two big Lilylovers and have known the shop for a while now. Lily has a fun, female yet slightly romantic style and we totally dig those little subtle romantic vibes! That's what we're all about with @justsayyas and

Want to know more about these wedding planners?




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