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Follow The Buyers!

One of the most rewarding, yet stressful things about our job chez LILY is picking out the right pieces each season. Twice a year, in February and August, Team Buyer goes into survival mode: coffee, long days of appointments and meetings, more coffee, decision making, budget talks, plane-train-and carries. And then some more coffee. We love it!


So we thought it would be nice to give you a little peak behind the scenes and let you follow the Buyers for a day. Before we get into all the labels we chose that day, let us introduce our Buyers Team first:




Indi is our queen of stock management. She knows the do’s and dont’s, and of all LILYettes she’s the one that knows every single product by name. She’s not afraid to call BS and speak up when a certain someone (i.e. Kelli) picks another white jeans or oversized jacket with glitter all over.




Guard of that well-known LILY-vibe. She makes sure each season has a beautiful story to tell and edits the collections. Thinking you Ladies when going through àll those clothes she makes sure pieces are fun, just that bit different and ultra wearable.

Ellen D.



Ellen is our lady of Numbers. She pulls statistics like other people pull the door. She’s the one who makes sure we don’t go over budget too much. Except when we’re picking jackets. Ellen loves àll jackets and would buy àll jackets if we let her.


For every brand we visit a different kind of showroom which is often run by the brand itself or an agency. The brands we chose on this particular day we from three different showrooms: The Closet, Noire & Laundry Lab Clothing all based in Antwerp. Let's go over some of the the brands!

NORR __________

NORR is a new Scandi brand that is all about strong, feminin styles. Also is NORR very without being too 'hipster' if you know what we mean! :) We love the über flattering dresses en the perfect denim jacket combo's. Oh and also that perfect leather skirt!

ANOTHER LABEL __________

Straight from Amsterdam this brand was immediately loved by some of you Ladies who like it a bit more TomBoy. Edgy shirt dresses and perfectly fitted trousers often in bold colours and fabrics.


This new Spanish joins us this season en we're so excited to see what you guys will think! Way less cleaner than our Scandi brands with a whole lot of boho touches we adore!

So this is how our Buyer Team rolls! If you want even more behind the scenes, keep an eye on our social media for live stories and so much more! :)

Thanks for reading Lilyettes! <3 See you soon!

xxx - Team LILY

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