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Hotspots in Atrani!


Just around the corner (literally 250m) from the hustle and bustle of famous Amalfi, lies the hidden gem that is the little town of Atrani. With its white washed streets, colorful houses and picture perfect Piazza it took our breath away. The 87 steps we had to take to get to our apartment took our breath away as well. But that is an entirely different story...

We arrived after a 3h+ delayed flight and a 2h taxiride from hell down the winding roads of Southern Italy. Well, reaching Paradise shouldn't be peanuts now would it? Arriving in the dark, we took to the steep stairs of Atrani with our gazillion suitcases full of LILY-goodies. We were stopped by local Annetta, who told us to go eat at Pizzeria Le Palme and to ask for a discount at her son Coco's supermarket. The sweetest thing! And that about sums up our stay: sweet locals helping us around, breathtaking views everywhere you look, great - and we mean GLORIOUS - food and a lot of stairs to burn the extra intake of carbs. Let us show you around!


Supportico Marinella 10, 84010 Atrani

That Mellanzane alla Parmigiana.... We still dream about that one... But let us not forget the pizza's, grilled vegetables, gnocchi and sumptuous tiramisu. On top of that, you wouldn't believe the prices on the menu. Together with the big smile of the staff and the heavenly kitschiness of the interior we couldn't recommend this place enough!


Via dei Dogi, 1, 84010 Atrani

"A little bit of everything", but actually everything you need to make your Italian getaway really Italian. Coco is a big Italian with a dark beard and the sweetest heart. gave us 2 bottles of wine for free. probably because his mama Annetta told him to do so. We love them Italians!


Piazza Umberto I, 1, Atrani

I think all of Atrani comes here in the afternoon to enjoy their aperitivo on the sunny Piazetta. And so did we! As the sun downed before 18h, our days started early but ended at a reasonable hour as well. Which meant, time enough for Aperol Spritzers and a a side of mouthwatering Bruschetta. Salute!


Via dei Dogi, 16, 84010 Atrani

Atrani is a fisher's village, so you can count on an excellent choice of fresh fish here. Our Ellen D joined us on this trip to make sure the team could enjoy healthy lunches and dinners. The big scampi were still alive when we took them home, which made MUA Judith scream like she saw a ghost.


Via dei Dogi, 36, 84010 Atrani

We loved shopping in our small village. One evening we arrived late and really, really needed some groceries. So we just knocked on the door of Luigi's small shop and his wife let us in to buy the tastiest to tomatoes and aubergines. Plus, a lovely wine for €3!


Supportico Marinella 4, 84010 Atrani

Aaaaah, Italian coffee and sweets.... No one does an espresso or cappuccino like the Italians do. With a view on the piazetta, this terrace is just perfect to get your morning fix or afternoon pick-me-up.

Grazie Atrani! I am sure we will be back for another Aperol Spritz very very soon.

PS: we stayed in the beautiful La Casa del Giudice which offers two apartments around a cute courtyard with little authentic kitchen. We very much recommend staying here!

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